The Original

The Original


The Original


Our first made to order candle by Home and Body. 


  • Handpoured
  • Natrual soy wax
  • Glass container
  • Choice of wick
  • Vegan friendly
  • CLP compliant
  • Choice of fragrance 
  • Choice of colour**


Click here to view our fragrance selections 



Please allow 5-7 days for dispatch, this gives us plenty of time to make and cure your candles

Each candle is handpoured to order. 

Due to the use of 100% natural soy wax small irregularities such as slight colour variations, small air bubbles may occour.

We do our best to ensure your candle meets our high standards.

**Please note colour variations may occour, due to the nature of the wax we cannot gaurentee an exact colour match, colours will generally be more pastle that bright, for more information or to discuss please get in touch. 



Candle colour